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Откройтесь энергиям Рождения и Упования - Высшей Веры во всемогущесто бытия и стремитись найти им выражение в своей жизни. Фокусируйтесь на самоподдержании и принятии необходимой энергии от Вселенной, и тогда ваши глубинные потребности начнут восполняться самой жизнью. Позвольте энергии рождения инициировать и проявлять все ваши начинания!

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Founded in 2013, BluAura is an international evolving entity that was created with the aim of contributing, enriching and developing the alternative street and party wear culture. Ourselves being people with many years of experience in the worldwide party and festival scene, we at BluAura create pieces of clothes that are at the same time sensational, durable and functional. Giving a great attention to details, we minutely care that every part of our products meets the highest contemporary standards of clothing production. In 2014 we are introducing three different BluAura labels: - the Blue Label - our most avant-garde line of creations that will explore and push the limits of textile and print production; - the Green Label - that is oriented to the oldschool orthodox party and festival wear with an accent on ultra-violet reflective prints and mind-expanding artworks; - the Black Label - a blend of our distinctive quality and a more subtle approach to combining style and functionality that will meet the needs of anyone looking for a durable, aesthetically tasteful and comfortable piece of cloth; Also, the care for our planet and the people for whom we create our products, which counts for ourselves too, sets us constantly on a quest for eco-friendly materials that brought the use of such cotton that complies to the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100. We are constantly working on this area of our production standards. The BluAura pieces are created with lots of love and care and we believe that anything done in that way carries the same energy within itself and radiates it also. That way we try to encourage the people that wear them to live in the same mood and live responsibly. Yours BluAura https://www.facebook.com/BluAuraClothing

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