Красный Дракон

Откройтесь энергиям Рождения и Упования - Высшей Веры во всемогущесто бытия и стремитись найти им выражение в своей жизни. Фокусируйтесь на самоподдержании и принятии необходимой энергии от Вселенной, и тогда ваши глубинные потребности начнут восполняться самой жизнью. Позвольте энергии рождения инициировать и проявлять все ваши начинания!

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Chintamani Alchemistry

Welcome to the gallery of my unique hand made wear and jewelry. From 2008 to 2011 project was named Culture Vulture. From 2012 new name and new creative flow came and project takes its name as Cintamani. Chintamani is an alchemic stone, crystal which makes the most incredible and only pure spiritual dreams come true. Reality of Satia Yuga. Chintamani – is a pure vegetarian, made mostly from natural fabrics, hand decorated wear in a mix of Boho, Goa and Tribal styles. All clothes are made in very limited editions (20-30… no more then 50 pieces). Some pieces I make one of a kind only. Also Chintamani - is a made with hands jewelry with crystals, brass, shamanic Amazonian seeds and wood. Almost all jewelry is also one of a kind exists. You can find my stuff in Goa on Flea and Night Markets. In Lamuella Boutique in Arambol. In Ethnoshop and Grog Shop in Moscow. On Bali, Goa, Europe and Russia Trance Music Festivals. This Gallery is only demonstrates what I do. Some pieces are available now, some we can repeat for your order.

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