Красный Дракон

Откройтесь энергиям Рождения и Упования - Высшей Веры во всемогущесто бытия и стремитись найти им выражение в своей жизни. Фокусируйтесь на самоподдержании и принятии необходимой энергии от Вселенной, и тогда ваши глубинные потребности начнут восполняться самой жизнью. Позвольте энергии рождения инициировать и проявлять все ваши начинания!

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Chill Out Planet

Chill Out Planet psychedelic clothing came from the underground scene of Russia\'s two major cities: St. Petersburg and Moscow. In the begging it was a community of creative individuals experimenting in the field of psychedelic arts including designers, painters, Djs, musicians, party promoters and other cultural figures. Members of this community want to stand out against a background of grey and shapeless citizens and easily find each other on the streets and clubs. Psychedelic clothes were the obvious way to do this, but in 90’s it was impossible to buy any stylish underground clothing in Russia. So we decided to unite efforts of designers and produce some clothes ourselves. That\'s how our first very limited collection of underground psychedelic clothing appeared in 1996 and was widespread mostly among our friends and supporters. They were warmly welcomed by the underground community as it was probably the only psychedelic and fluorescent clothing they could get in Russia. So we decided to continue developing this idea and Chill Out Planet studio began to produce psychedelic clothing on a professional basis

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