Красный Дракон

Откройтесь энергиям Рождения и Упования - Высшей Веры во всемогущесто бытия и стремитись найти им выражение в своей жизни. Фокусируйтесь на самоподдержании и принятии необходимой энергии от Вселенной, и тогда ваши глубинные потребности начнут восполняться самой жизнью. Позвольте энергии рождения инициировать и проявлять все ваши начинания!

Ближайший портал галактической активации открывается через 7 дней

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Украшения Аура Сома

Украшения, защита активация сверхспособностей для ангелов.


Aura-Soma®-Jewellery is a new Aeon cooperation between Aura-Soma® Products Limited, Magenta Shops and the Greek Distributor of Aura-Soma®, Michail Fan. Our products are being conceptualized, born & handcrafted in Athens – Greece, under the Holy Temple of Pallas Athena (Acropolis), by world-class jewellery craftsmen. The designs and manufacture of our jewellery are under the spiritual alignment & guidance of the Principal of the Academy, Mike Booth.

With the intention of Pure Love to Empower You.


Life is coming out of quality and what we put on us should have quality equal to the quality that created us. We produce a wide range of high quality designs, with excellent materials, expressed into a new age fine jewellery collection in order to remind us who we really are.


Our designs are inspired from the Aura-Soma Colour Care System®, in accordance with Colour Technologies, Sacred Geometry, Spirituality and Light, that lie within the System, in alignment with the guidance of the Principal Mike Booth.


We use Silver 925, Gold 9K,14K,18K, crystals, semi precious and precious gemstones and a lot of imagination.


To satisfy your highest demands on quality in energy and matter.


It is a pleasure to be able to speak a bit about Aura-Soma-Jewellery. It really begun to be a very important step forward for Aura-Soma® in the world, that we really feel that for people to be able to work with, to wear or to have Aura-Soma® Jewellery is like being able to bring something of the energy, the symbolism and what it is that we are working with in the development of the light body, into another area of the personal life…

And what we say with things that are becoming more and more available throughout the inspiration of the Aura-Soma® jewellery, is the creativity that is an essential part of the growth of the System of Aura-Soma®. Aura-Soma® means Light Body. And so the symbol of the waveform in the triangle, or the symbol of the Flower of Life, or the symbolism of different aspects of Crystals in relation to metal…

All these things are very ancient and very much something that has been part of Human History… … So in a sense, what we do is offering something of a connection to the Ancient Tradition, where it enables the user, the student of Aura-Soma®, the Practitioner, or the Teacher, to be able to come in association with these, essentially empowering and giving the opportunity to be more of who they could be, or who they are…

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